Sunday, April 22, 2012

TEAM TOPWATER's Brandon Palaniuk wins the title at Bull Shoals- $100K!

We couldn't be more proud of our team member, Brandon Palaniuk for his deliverance of class, determination and persistence during this tournament. Don Barone interviewed Brandon and spoke of the innate qualities of an Elite Angler- that it truly comes from deep inside- the desire to make every day worthy of a story one could tell their grandchildren. Well, Palaniuk makes his career one filled with honorable stories and experiences. We are proud of this win, it included a hook to the pinkie and a couple of hours in the Emergency Room. Congratulations to our team member, Brandon!

Friday, April 20, 2012

BRANDON PALANIUK of TEAM TOPWATER day 1 first place at Bull Shoals

BULL SHOALS, AK -- Brandon Palaniuk was the last angler to launch his boat for the Bassmaster Elite Series TroKar Quest on Bull Shoals Lake in Mountain Home, Ark., today, and he was the last to weigh-in, but his Day 1 finish was first with a catch of 21 pounds, 9 ounces. That included the Carhartt Big Bass of the day, a 5-pound, 11-ounce largemouth.

Palaniuk will take the lead at launch tomorrow, but he started Day 1 with some trepidation.

“Being the last boat out, I was a little bit nervous about where I was going to start,” Palaniuk said. “I ran to the first place, and I didn’t really have anything going. I started jumping around. The next spot I went to, I caught one about 3 pounds. I was still thinking and deciding if I was doing the right thing and then at the next spot, I pulled up and caught that 5-11 and then a 5 ½-pounder. Then I knew I was doing the right deal, and just ground it out all day.”

Using a technique he found in practice fishing, Palaniuk boated the five bass that put him in the lead, including mostly fat prespawners.

“I’m running around, covering a lot of water, fishing a lot of different stuff. Just kind of junk fishing so far, which is kind of a scary deal but I’m hoping it will hold up,” Palaniuk said.
In taking the first day lead, Palaniuk hopes that momentum will carry through the tournament.

“It’s huge; it’s everything,” Palaniuk said. “In this sport it’s so mental. Once you catch that first big one, it lets you know you’re kind of doing the right thing. Then you catch another big one, and it kind of compounds. It gives you that much more confidence to keep doing the same thing throughout the day.”

Palaniuk said the second round Friday may require a different approach. Conditions were sunny and calm today, and he saw improved water clarity from practice days. But with rain coming in and temperatures dropping overnight, he plans to make adjustments as he goes.

“When I caught that big one today, I wasn’t real calm, I was jacked up,” Palaniuk said. “But it’s important to stay calm so you can make those adjustments. You can’t be really bull headed and stubborn and try to make something work when it’s not.”